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"Thanks to Bud's help, my Daughter, who had never picked up a tennis racket, made her high school tennis team."


"His love for the game and ability to teach is contagious.  I look forward to each lesson."


"He is truly a tennis doctor; in four lessons he had my tennis game back on track!"





What they say about Bud Light ...


"It is obvious Bud has a genuine love for the game and his coaching approach uses positive reinforcement at all times."

"He is very well organized.  He knows how to assess strengths and weaknesses. He never gets impatient with anyone."

"His knowledge of court and game strategy is excellent.  He knows the game, and how to teach it."

"He taught me that tennis is a thinking person's sport and he prepares students both physically and mentally.

"Mr. Light has an extensive knowledge of tennis and, coupled with his humor, he has an extraordinary gift for teaching."

"He creates an environment that stretches a student to reach their full capacity."

"He supports his teaching with up-to-date, fact-based tennis articles/illustrations that reinforce key learning from the lessons."

"Thank you for really teaching me tennis!  You made it easy.  As a results, I have acquired a true love for the game."